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Door Frames, Casings and Linings

External door frames in both hardwood and softwood. Our range of door frames include inward opening door frames, outward opening door frames and frames for inward and outward opening doors.

Door linings are supplied with or without trenched heads, the trench is a slot machined in to the head of the door frame that the sides of the door frame slot into, untrenched heads have no slot and are but jointed to the frame sides. Door linings are planks of wood that fitted into the aperture, the doors are then hung and the loose pin door stops are fitted in position, Architrave is the used to finish of around both sides of the door frame.

Door casings are rebated for the thickness of the door, this means that the door stops are part of the door frame, door casings can be supplied with trenched or untrenched heads and architrave can be fitted to neatly finish off the installation. FD30 door casings and door linings are rebated to suit 15mm intrumescent strips. All door liners and door casings can be cut down so suit smaller door sizes where required.